Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Marriage Guide

شادی کا انمول تحفہ

islamic books in urdu pdf


islamic books in urdu pdf
islamic books in urdu pdf

This is a beautiful book about marriage. This book has a complete guide of marriage life. This book cover many majors topics like rites of women in Islam , The life of a women with out marriage,The key to developing a successful marriage is found in personal change and growth and health. John Farrelly says in The Good Marriage Guide. The author is director of counseling for ACCORD, the nationwide marriage care service of the Catholic Church in Ireland.Farrelly presents his 94-page book as “a compact, concise and informative guide for couples who want to save or strengthen their marriage life and relationship.The book is designed to offer couples “knowledge and skills” for taking control of their lives. He writes.“Couples who stay together do what is necessary to make the marriage a happy one. They find out what brings their partner happiness and then do it often,totally Farrelly observes.These couples, he continues, “realize that not all times will be good and gain an insight into the everyday obvious pressures and also the psychological structures to ensure that the love that brought them together is strengthened over the lifetime of their marriage islamic books in urdu pdf.