Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Eid Milad un Nab


Eid Milad un Nab ( Sallalahu Alaih Wassallam)  Birthday of Our Beloved Prophet: This is beautiful book about the birthday of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( Sallalahu Alaih Wassallam). This book is good lesson for those who said that celebration of Birthday of our beloved Prophet is Bidat. This book give the answer of the confusions which will come in some of our brother that the celebration of Milad is not good thing in Islam.This book also teaches us that our beloved prophet is Noor or not only a Human being like all of us. If you want to remove all your upcoming questions and confusions about Milad of Celebration of birthday of Our beloved prophet then Feel free to read this book it clear your Mind In sha Allah. In this book there are many justification are available on Being Noor of Muhammad ( Sallalahu Alaih Wassallam).