Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Islamic General Knowledge Questions and Answers in Urdu

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This book will increase your general knowledge. This book will also helpfull for CSS exam preparation because there are alot of islamic general knowledge questions and answers in urdu. The author Mr. Maulana Mohammad Ghufran has tried his best and collected different Islamic Informations from different books related to Islamic histories like Rooh Ul Ma'ani, Ibn-e-Kathir, Ma'ariful-Qur'aan, Khazan, Tirmizi, Bukhari, Shami, Mishkwat, Abu Daud, Hidayah and Mazhari. If you are looking for Islamic general knoweledge in Urdu language then this book is for you. Zakhira Islami Maloomat Urdu book has two parts and you can free download both parts or free read these online from the below